“Don’t be afraid to take the risk, you’ll never grow until you do”.

In another installment of #WhereAreTheyNow, a series where we highlight our RMFY alumni, we introduce you to Richard Isom.

Q & A with Richard Isom. RMFY Alumnus from Myers Park High School

Q: What’s your name?

A: Richard Isom, Jr.

Q: Where did you participate in RMFY?

A: I attended RMFY for the first time in Middle school at Smith Language Academy from 6th-8th Grade, and then I participated at Myers Park during my Junior and Senior year.

Q: What adult from RMFY had a lasting impact on you?

A: That’s easy ! G Whizz! Ryan G. (No offense to all of the other great mentors that I met). **Richard is referencing former Program Specialist/Manager/Director and current Community Engagement Director, Ryan Grammatico.

Q: Any favorite memory from RMFY?

A: It had to be the Atlanta trip my Junior year. It was nothing but memories. From getting on the bus at the RMFY office to getting off where we started our journey. I made lifelong friendships on that trip.

Q: Do you still have a RMFY T-shirt?

A: Of course! I still have a shirt or 5!

Q: What are you doing now and how did RMFY prepare you for what you are doing?

A: Right now, I’m a PCA level 2 technician at MTB Mechanical and I’m working to become self-employed with a HVAC company of my own. RMFY prepared me by helping me realize the power of hard work and by helping me to improve my communication skills. Being able to speak in front crowds or even in a small group was a big challenge for me. But I was part of the inaugural class of RMFY Ambassadors and during our development session, I became used to being put on the spot around other RMFY members from different schools at events and that helped me get used to that nervous feeling.

Q: What advice would you give to a current RMFY student?

A: Best advice that I can give to the current members of Right Moves For Youth is to not be afraid to take the risk, you’ll never grow until you do. 

As you can see, Richard was valued by the mentors in our program. They saw such potential in Richard and always challenged him to push himself. Knowing that Richard wasn’t motivated by the college path, but knowing that he was passionate about using his hands, our staff helped Richard formulate a plan to get his certification in heating and air conditioning repair. The evidence for connected relationships being the number one catalyst to change is so evident in the work of Right Moves For Youth groups. If you are interested in continuing these connections, consider giving a gift here