From Dreams to Plans: Be inspired by Elijah’s journey

Elijah Lane, a senior at Palisades High School, joined Right Moves For Youth because his friends were involved, and he thought it would be fun. But as he got more into it, he realized it was about way more than just having a good time.

Right Moves For Youth became a place where Elijah felt comfortable talking about his problems with other kids who were going through similar things. It was like having a big group of friends who had his back no matter what.

As he gets closer to graduating, Elijah has started thinking about what he wants to do next. He has big dreams of either playing professional sports or owning his own restaurant someday. With the help of the mentors at Right Moves For Youth, he figured out a plan to make those dreams a reality.

After high school, Elijah decided that he would go to either the University of Toledo or North American University. He knows it won’t be easy, but he feels confident that he can succeed with the support of his Right Moves For Youth family.

Thanks to Right Moves For Youth, this Spring, Elijah will graduate with a clear idea of what he wants to do in the future and the confidence to go after his goals. He knows that life might throw him some curveballs, but he is ready to face whatever challenges come his way, knowing he has a strong support system behind him.

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