The S.U.C.C.E.E.D. Initiative – a program initiative to help high school Seniors develop their roadmap to success.

“The Roadmap to Readiness”

In North Carolina, students are considered career and college ready “when they have the knowledge and academic preparation needed to enroll and succeed, without the need for remediation, in introductory college credit-bearing courses in English, language arts, and mathematics within an associate or baccalaureate degree program. These same attributes and levels of achievement are needed for entry into and success in postsecondary workforce education, the military, or directly into a job that offers gainful employment and career advancement”, (Southern Regional Board, 2019).

The American Institutes for Research states that students’ future success and ability to access career opportunities heavily depends on their readiness for postsecondary education, (2020). In 2020, 65% of all jobs will require some postsecondary education or training, (Cushing, English, & Therriault, 2020). While graduation rates have increased, evidence suggests that many students are not prepared for the education and training that is often required to obtain a job with a living wage, (AIR, 2020).

Right Moves for Youth’s core programming focuses on positive youth development with a mission to help students graduate with a plan for their future success. As such, we work with youth in weekly RMFY group meetings to help them develop necessary life skills that will contribute to their development as thriving, productive and contributing members of society. While following that same weekly service delivery model, this year, RMFY is adding a new initiative that focuses on assisting 12th grade group members with discovering their own roadmap to college and career readiness.

SUCCEED is an extension of RMFY core programming designed to offer 12th graders Support to Utilize College Career ExposureExploration, and Development. SUCCEED aims to address the increasing skills gap, helping youth to cultivate academic, technical, and employability skills. Author Dr. David Conley outlines 4 key components that are essential for college and career readiness, (2010).

The concept of ‘Think’, ‘Know’, ‘Act’, and ‘Go’ offers a holistic framework, (2018), to include many of the social and emotional learning components incorporated in current RMFY programming. Students enrolled in SUCCEED will have access to a variety of resources intended to assist them in developing and executing a plan for post-secondary success. Utilizing a variation of the key components, group members will actively engage in experiences that will help them to discover their strengths and interests (Think), explore career paths (Know), develop life skills (Act) and identify post-high school opportunities (Go).

Students will work with Right Moves For Youth staff dedicated to guiding them through the final year of their high school journey as they prepare to transition into young adulthood. An implementation of an interactive curriculum coupled with exposure to and meaning interactions with employers, economic development agencies, post-secondary institutions, etc., ensures that our graduating seniors receive the knowledge and skills necessary to SUCCEED in high school and beyond!