It was about more than a shopping spree…

Yesterday marked a special day for Zay and 13 other outstanding Right Moves For Youth students. Zay was one of the chosen few, who were handpicked for their stellar grades, exemplary behavior, and unwavering attendance. He shared his thoughts on this transformative experience.

Being selected for the annual Christmas shopping trip at the Charlotte Premium Outlets meant a lot to Zay. In his words, “It felt good because some people can go through bad things, but other people still see the good in them.”

This sentiment speaks volumes about resilience and finding positivity even in challenging circumstances. Zay’s acknowledgment of the goodness within, despite life’s hardships, set a powerful tone for the day’s events.

Being surrounded by others shows the power of the Right Moves For Youth group.

Zay’s favorite part of the trip? It wasn’t just about the presents; it was about the connections forged. “Getting to hang out with the volunteers and staff and the other students,” he expressed. For him, the value extended beyond material gifts—it was about the intangible experiences shared with mentors, peers, volunteers from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, Simon Properties and the Carolina Panthers, alongside the dedicated Right Moves For Youth team. Zay emphasized the rarity of such experiences for many kids, underlining the importance of making the most out of every positive opportunity.

Here is Zay looking for clothing to buy at the Ralph Lauren store. He loved spending time with a volunteer from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

The significance of having caring adults in one’s corner cannot be overstated. Zay articulated this beautifully, saying, “It feels good to have them in my corner because it makes me feel like I can be a better person every day and excel in life and more.” The support from adults who genuinely care about his well-being and success has become a driving force for Zay, instilling in him the confidence to strive for personal growth and achievement.

As we reflect on Zay’s inspiring experience, let’s consider the impact we can collectively make. Right Moves For Youth plays a vital role in shaping the lives of these deserving students. Now, more than ever, we need your financial support to continue creating meaningful opportunities. So, please make a financial contribution, ensuring that more young individuals like Zay can thrive, overcome challenges, and build brighter futures.

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