Sincerely, Tayuanee

A Message from Our Executive Director

It is with both excitement and determination that we have entered this new school year!  This new year brings with it new opportunities for evolution and enhancement in the ways that we support the young people we serve.  As I observed our team preparing for the engagement of our students, I was struck by the energy and passion that seemed to permeate the atmosphere. It was a contagious flow as they attended to every detail with care and lovingly joked amongst themselves. 

It has been said that, “work is love made visible.” Indeed, love is the essence of the work that happens here at Right Moves for Youth!  Have you ever witnessed people who love what they do?  It is an incredibly energizing and inspiring experience.  To know that each day holds the opportunity to transform the life of a young person brings with it a level of joy that makes the work worth the effort. 

We invite you to join us in this labor of love!  Sharing your time, expertise and resources could be the difference in the life trajectory of our young scholars. Let’s commit to illuminating the path and smoothing the way of progress for our future leaders. You can help us build better lives, and in turn stronger communities, through extraordinary relationships.