The 2023 Ambassador Presentation Night: Creates Better Money Habits

In a world where financial literacy is a vital skill, Right Moves For Youth Ambassadors took a bold step towards empowering themselves and their communities. The culmination of six months of dedicated learning and training was celebrated at the highly anticipated Presentation Night event, Better Money Habits. With the support of Bank of America volunteers, these young leaders showcased their newfound knowledge and shared their valuable insights on financial literacy with enthusiasm and confidence.

Right Moves For Youth, in collaboration with Bank of America, embarked on a transformative journey to equip students and families with essential financial literacy skills. The Ambassadors, handpicked from various schools, immersed themselves in an intensive program designed to broaden their understanding of personal finance. Bank of America volunteers, renowned for their expertise, generously dedicated their time and knowledge to mentor and coach these promising young minds.

Over the course of six months, the Ambassadors engaged in a comprehensive curriculum that covered a wide range of financial topics. From budgeting and saving to investing and credit management, they gained practical skills that are invaluable for a lifetime. The Bank of America volunteers ( were instrumental in guiding the Ambassadors through interactive workshops, discussions, and hands-on activities. With unwavering support, the Ambassadors embraced these lessons and grew in confidence, ready to become advocates for financial literacy.

The Presentation Night marked the culmination of the Ambassadors’ journey, where they showcased their newfound expertise and passion for financial literacy. The event was a testimony to their dedication and hard work. Families, educators, community leaders, and Bank of America representatives gathered at St. John’s Baptist Church to witness the Ambassadors’ presentations. Each Ambassador took the stage, eloquently sharing what they had learned, accompanied by visual aids and personal anecdotes. Their poise and articulate delivery captivated the audience, leaving a lasting impact.

The Ambassadors’ presentations were more than just informative sessions; they were powerful catalysts for change. By sharing their knowledge, the Ambassadors encouraged their peers, families, and community members to embrace financial literacy. Their passion was contagious, igniting a sense of responsibility and curiosity in the audience. The event inspired a collective commitment to empowering individuals of all ages to take control of their financial future.

RMFY Ambassadors answer questions from the audience

The Right Moves For Youth Ambassadors Presentation Night was an unforgettable celebration of growth, resilience, and community impact. Thanks to the dedication of Bank of America volunteers and the unwavering determination of the Ambassadors, a new generation of financially literate individuals is emerging. By equipping students and families with crucial financial knowledge, this initiative has laid the foundation for a brighter and more prosperous future. The Ambassadors’ stellar performances demonstrated their readiness to create positive change and serve as beacons of financial wisdom in their communities.

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