Students in Right Moves For Youth enjoy small group mentoring with one of their mentors, a school resource officer with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department

Why small group mentoring?

Right Moves For Youth’s small group mentoring model can be extremely valuable in the lives of teens in Charlotte. It provides a supportive and structured environment where young people can explore their interests, develop new skills, and receive guidance and encouragement from adult mentors.

One of the primary benefits of RMFY small group mentoring is the opportunity it provides for teens to form close, personal relationships with their mentors. These relationships can be incredibly impactful, as they give young people the chance to connect with adults who are not their parents or teachers, and who can offer a different perspective on the challenges and opportunities they face. Small group mentoring can also foster a sense of belonging and community among the participants, as they work together towards shared goals and support each other through their challenges.

Another key benefit is the chance it gives teens to learn new skills and explore their interests. Many mentorship programs offer a variety of activities and opportunities for young people to try new things and develop new competencies. This can be especially important for teens who may not have many opportunities to pursue their passions or learn new skills outside of school. Small group mentoring can also provide a supportive environment where teens can take risks and try new things without fear of failure, helping them to build confidence and resilience.

Finally, RMFY’s small group mentoring can be a valuable resource for teens who may be struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem. The supportive relationships and structured activities offered by mentorship programs can provide a sense of purpose and meaning, and can help young people to feel more connected and engaged with their community.

Overall, the value of RMFY small group mentoring in the lives of teens in Charlotte cannot be overstated. It provides a supportive environment for young people to grow and learn, and can have a lasting impact on their development and well-being. To learn more about becoming a mentor, go here or to donate, go here